What is the walker arrival procedure when the lockbox is not opening?

When a walker arrives and the lockbox is not opening, Spot implements the following procedure to exhaust every possible option in an attempt to gain access to the home/dog:

  1. The walker sends Spot support a picture of the lockbox and Spot Support researches the lockbox’ instructions and troubleshooting techniques.
  2. The walker and Spot Support each have another thorough read through the entry instructions to make sure we aren't missing something.
  3. The walker double checks to make sure they are at the correct address. 
  4. Spot Support reads the dog owner’s previous chats in an attempt to find a backup means of entry. 
  5. The walker shakes the lockbox, if they can’t hear a key rattling inside it’s likely that a large keychain that is pushing up against the faceplate and blocking the unlock switch inside. The walker tries giving the lockbox a good hard shake and/or hitting it hard a few times in an effort to move/free up the keychain inside. The walker tried squeezing the faceplate as hard as they can while opening the latch.
  6. The walker tries prying the latch down with a key or rock. 
  7. It’s possible the numbers appear to be lined up correctly, but one might need to be moved slightly away from center to engage the unlock portion. The walker tries jiggling each of the numbers back and forth slightly off center, one by one, while attempting to push down the silver latch.
  8. If the weather is cold, it's possible the lockbox could be slightly frozen. If they suspect this is the case, the walker tries blowing their warm breath onto the lockbox for a minute or two before trying again.
  9. Spot support contacts the dog owner.
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