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Before any savings, prices are $16/$21/$25/$28 for 15/30/45/60 minutes, but we also have savings packages that can bring the per walk cost down by 20%, to:

• $12.80 - 15 min walk
• $16.80 - 30 min walk
• $20.00 - 45 min walk
• $22.40 - 60 min walk​

Follow these 3 steps to book regular on-demand walks:

1. Create an account with Spot

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2. Create a Pup Profile to help let walkers know what to expect upon arrival.

Graphic how to add a dog profile.png

3. Press ‘Find Walkers’ or ‘Book’ to request your first walk.

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You can also save up to 20% with discount walk packages and recurring walks.

To save 10% with recurring walks, click 'Find Walkers' or 'Book' and select 'Weekly/Recurring' to request a recurring dog walk. After every completed recurring walk, you will receive a 10% cash credit (for example $2.10 for a 30-minute walk).

Graphic how to save 20%.png
Graphic how to book a recurring dog walk

   ***A recurring walk is at the same time, on the same day, and with the same walker on a weekly ongoing basis.***
You may also cancel a single recurring walk for whatever reason (stat holiday, working from home) without penalty up to 90-minutes before the walk start time.  

   If at any point you no longer require our services but have extra walks remaining in your discount walk package, send us a message and we will refund the remaining walks in your package immediately upon request without question!

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