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Spot is hiring! We have seen demand for dog walking services triple over the past year as so many new dog owners return to work, and we expect demand to continue to grow! We review applications daily and can have new walkers activated and ready the same day they are accepted!

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Spot is a mobile app that provides on-demand dog walking, we have been active in many cities across North America for several years. Walkers choose their own hours with no minimum requirement and are then scheduled for dog walks with little schedule management needed… it’s an incredibly simple, and enjoyable way to make money!

Step 1: Dog Walker Application

Apply Online

You must fill out the online application to begin the process. We only accept applicants who fill out the online application.

Wait to Hear Back

We receive thousands of applications per month, so please be patient. Our goal is to get to every applicant within 7-days, but sometimes it takes up to 2-weeks.

Start Walking!

If you are approved you will be sent through our online walker hiring & training portal, once complete you can start walking dogs!

Get Paid to Walk Dogs

The average walker earns $17.50 per walk, with pay ranging from $11 all the way up to $50 per walk. What you might not have known is that Spot frequently adds bonuses to walks to help incentivize walkers to accept, the result is a wide range in payroll opportunities that vary depending on length, location and urgency. Payroll for every walk consists of the base pay (see below) plus the bonus amount:

$11 for a 15-Minute Walk

$13 for a 30-Minute Walk

$15 for a 45-Minute Walk

$17 for a 60-Minute Walk

$3 Extra per additional Dog

$1 Extra for every recurring walk

Every walk request states the pay amount, and walkers can choose to accept or ignore any request. The stated pay is exactly what the walker will earn, there are no hidden fees or deductions, it's extremely extremely simple and 100% transparent. Walkers are paid on a weekly basis via direct deposit and are required to completed just 1 walk every 3-months in order to stay active.

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Why Walk Dogs with Spot?

Aside from getting to hang out with fluffy bundles of joy, with their wiggly tails, slobbery kisses and adorable antics, there are several reasons why walking dogs with Spot could be the perfect fit.

Choose Your Schedule

Accept as many or as few walks to craft your ideal schedule. As long as you complete at least 1 walk every 3-months, your account will remain open.

Recurring Dog Walks

The majority of available walks are recurring (same days and times on a weekly ongoing basis), leading to consistency and long-term connections with dogs.

Private Walks

Spot walks are al single household, which means no group.pack walks, leading to a safe and enjoyable experience every time.

No transportation in Vehicle

Spot walks are all door-to-door, which means you will never be required to transport a dog (and their muddy paws) in your vehicle.

Exceptional Support

Whether you need help with a lockbox, doorcode, sticky key, or timid dog, our support team is extremely helpful and always available within 90-seconds.

Weekly Deposits

What you see is exactly what you get, there are no hidden fees or deductions, and payroll is processed on a weekly basis via direct deposit.

Requirements to Walk For Spot

While there aren't many formal requirements to walk dogs with Spot. we do tend to gravitate towards mature and responsible individuals with daytime availability and experience with dogs, other pets, or animals. In order to walk with Spot you will need the following:

18+ Years of Age

Smart Phone

Data Plan

Driver's Licence and Vehicle

Not required, but strongly encouraged (depends on city and location.)

Spot Dog Walker on a private dog walk

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