We're Always Hiring!

Spot is hiring! We have seen demand for dog walking services triple over the past year as so many new dog owners return to work, and we expect demand to continue to grow! We review applications daily and can have new walkers activated and ready the same day they are accepted!
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Get Started With Spot Dog Walkers

Spot is a mobile app that provides on-demand dog walking, we have been active in many cities across Canada for several years. Walkers choose their own hours with no minimum requirement and are then scheduled for dog walks with little schedule management needed… it’s an incredibly simple, and enjoyable way to make money!

We have several walkers in who earn more than $400/week, and expect business to continue to grow as people gradually return to their pre-pandemic lives, so there should be plenty of opportunity for eager walkers!
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Our Average Walker Pay

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$11 - 15min walk
$13 - 30min walk
$15 - 45min walk
$17 - 60min walk
$3 - per extra dog
+ and we regularly add generous bonuses for last minute walks and walks with an extra commute

It's Safe and Easy!

Private Walks

You are not walking multiple dogs at once.

On-leash Walks

You are always in control.

Door to Door Walks

You are not transporting any dogs in your vehicle.

Our Ideal Candidates:

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- Are mature and trustworthy
- Have a customer focused mentality
- Are comfortable walking a variety of dog breeds
- Have access to a smart phone and data plan
- Have excellent time management and navigational skills