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Whether you need dog walks today or next week, safe and affordable dog walkers are just a few taps away with Spot.

Currently Servicing:

Toronto • Vancouver • Calgary • Edmonton

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Canada’s only true on-demand dog walking app!

The Spot Dog Walkers App connects local background checked walkers with users to provide the easiest way to book a dog walk.

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A Type Of Walk For Any Need:

For the busy ones

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Connecting you with a dog walker in as little as 90min.

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Booking a walk for later, when plans arise or get caught late at work.

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Book ahead of time and have dedicated times and walkers.

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Local Dog Walkers

Private On-leash, GPS Tracked Walkers


Prices & Packages

Save big with our discount walk packages

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5 Walk Packages - Save 5%

Our 5 walk package is perfect for having walks ready for when you need them while saving a bit of cash! Save 5% with this walk package, and save up to 15% when you use ths walk package for reccuring walks!

10 Walk Packages - Save 10%

The 10 walk package is perfect for recurring walks! You can save 10% with this walk package, and save up to 20% when you use ths walk package for reccuring walks!

Recurring Walks - Save up to 20%

All recurring walks come with a 10% discount in the form of cash credit appled to your account! Automatticly re-fill your walk packages when oyu run out with the cash credit applied!

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Price ranges for durations we offer:

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$12.80 - $16.00

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$16.80 - $20.00

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$20.00 - $25.00

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$22.40 - $28.00

We're On The Move!

Coming to a Candian City Near You

We're always looking for new cities to expand into! If we don't serve your city, send us a request and yours might be the next city!

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Connecting Local, Supporting Global


Get accsess to the amazing community of Spot Dog Walkers in your city!

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75k+ Five-Star Walks

After more than 75,000 successful dog walks, we've walked enough to wrap around the globe 4x!

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Over $20k Donated

For every 10min your dog gets walked, 10¢ gets donated to animal charities worldwide.

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Our Biggest Fans

Testimonials from Spot customers

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Murray's Owner - Jill

The app works great, easy to book a walker. All the walkers have been great so far! Have only used ASAP walks so far but recurring seams handy if your a busy person.

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Arthur's Owner- Donita

Been using the reccuring walks from Spot and havn't had a complaint since I set it up nearly a year ago! If the usual walker can't make it one day they get in touch with me and replace the walker! Laura has been great with Arthur, nothing but good things to say about her!!!

person hugging dogmegaphone symbol

Banjo's Owner - Mona

Spot has been a lifesaver for my dog Banjo since he has super high energy! I had a meet and greet with my walker Amanda beforehand so Banjo could warm up to her since he gets kind of nervous. Now she's my go-to walker 2 days a week! And I love how I can watch all the cute videos she sends me of him playing on his walk!