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Dog Walkers

Spot Dog Walker on a private dog walk

Spot is the easiest, and by far most reliable way to schedule one-on-one walks with insured dog walkers. It’s so reliable that we haven’t no-showed or cancelled on a customer in more than 4 years!

Spot Dog Walker on a private dog walk

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Booking with Spot couldn’t be easier, whether you need a dog walk today, tomorrow, or every day while you’re at work. And the best part, every walk is private and on-leash, so you know your dog is receiving the constant one-on-one attention they deserve.

What Makes Spot so Reliable?

Guaranteed Availability

We haven’t failed to provide a walker for a customer request in more than 100,000 bookings!

Guaranteed Arrivals

Rain or shine we haven’t no-showed or cancelled on a customer in more than 4 years!

On-Time Or It’s FREE!

If your walker does arrive a few minutes late, the walk is free… simple as that!

How Spot Works

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Getting started is simple, you will set an arrival timeframe of at least 1-hour, enter the date(s) needed, and select either a 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute walk. You will then be connected to available walkers based on your scheduling preferences, at which point you can review the available walker profiles, ratings, and comments, start chatting, and accept the walker of your choice. Once your walk is booked, you can follow along every step of the way with photos, videos, and live GPS walk tracking!

Book a Walk in 3 Easy Steps

Choose Your Dates and Times

Enter the arrival timeframe, length, and dates of the walks needed. You will also be asked to include a little information to help the walker upon arrival.

Select the Walker of Your Choice

You will be connected to available walkers, at which point you can review their profiles, start chatting, and select the walker of your choice.

Follow Along Every Step of the Way

You will be notified when your walker arrives and when the walk is complete, and will have access to the live GPS walk report during and after the walk!

In the rare instance that you are not comfortable with any of the available walkers, you may cancel the booking without penalty.

Unlock More Features

When you Download the Spot App

Book ASAP walks with 90-minute Arrivals

Choose from multiple available walkers

Follow along with live GPS tracking

The Spot App is the all-in-one solution dog owners have been waiting for! Are you tired of your dog walker constantly running behind, asking to reschedule, cancelling, or not showing up all together? Spot is easy to use, fully transparent, and 100% guaranteed. It’s time to finally stop worrying whether your dog walker is even going to show up!

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Why Book with Spot Dog Walkers

Are you looking for a dog walking service that works every time, with no last-minute cancellations, wondering when your walker will arrive, or how long they actually walked for? Spot is the safest, easiest, and by far most reliable dog walking solution. So go ahead and tackle your busy schedule knowing your furry friend is in good hands.

Learn How Spot Works

It's Safe

Every Spot dog walk is private, on-leash, and GPS-tracked with an insured dog walker.

It's Easy

Book a dog walker to your doorstep within 3-hours any day of the week, with no commitment required.

It's Reliable

Spot has not missed a walk in more than 4 years and guarantees on-time walker arrival or it's FREE!

Safety & Insurance

With Spot, every walk is strictly private, on-leash, and door-to-door, which means no groups or pack walks, no off-leash parks, and no transportation in vehicle. We also offer live GPS walk tracking, the GPS walk map updates every 10-seconds, so you'll know exactly where your dog is at all times. If you have questions or need help at any point, we have dedicated full-time support staff that are available 7-days per week with an average response time less than 60-seconds.

Safety, Insurance & the Walkers

$1 Million in Property Insurance

It can be difficult letting someone new into your home, but we've taken every precaution to create a stress-free experience. Click here to learn more.

$15,000 in Veterinary Reimbursement

Although we’ve never had to use it, every walk comes with $15,000 in veterinary reimbursement coverage! See exactly what's covered here.

Home Entry

How does the walker get inside when I'm not home?

Whether you live in a house or a building, there are several common ways to give a walker access to your home. If you don't already have a doorcode, the most common and reliable solution is a lockbox, which can be ordered through Spot. A lockbox is a secure place to store an extra set of keys and/or fob, and can be attached to a door handle, railing, pole, post or fence, or it can be placed somewhere out of sight, for example, inside your mailbox or somewhere in the backyard. Alternative entry options include a hidden key, building buzzercode, or building concierge.

Learn more about Home Entry

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