What happens when the walker has arrived and my key is missing?

When a walker arrives and the key is not where it’s supposed to be, Spot implements the following procedure to exhaust every possible option in an attempt to gain access to the home/dog:

  1. The walker and Spot Support each have another thorough read through the entry instructions to make sure we aren't missing something.
  2. The walker double checks to make sure they are at the correct address. 
  3. The walker sends the dog owner an in-app message to let them know the key is missing and asks whether they have any other means of entry.
  4. The walker rings the doorbell, knocks, then tries opening the door to see if it’s unlocked. 
  5. The walker starts the walk timer.
  6. The walker tries calling the dog owner using the emergency contact number.
  7. The walker sends the dog owner a text message, in case their Spot notifications are turned off and they can't pickup calls at work.
  8. The walker waits for a response from the owner for the full paid walk time, as often, an owner will respond with a solution with enough time for a shortened walk.

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