What is the walker arrival procedure when the key is not working?

When a walker arrives and the key is not working, Spot implements the following procedure to exhaust every possible option in an attempt to gain access to the home/dog:

  1. The walker and Spot Support each have another thorough read through the entry instructions to make sure we aren't missing something.
  2. Spot Support reads the dog owner’s previous chats in an attempt to find a solution, backup means of entry, or any tips and tricks specific to the door.
  3. If there are multiple locks on the door, the walker makes sure they have tried both, and makes sure they aren’t accidentally locking one while unlocking the other.
  4. The walker tries turning the key, while pulling the door. The lock might not be flush with the door, and it might be sticking.
  5. The walker tries inserting the key all the way, then pulling it out a few millimeters while trying to turn it both ways. Sometimes the key will not turn when it's inserted all the way and just needs to be pulled out slightly to catch the lock.
  6. If the key will not enter the lock hole, the walker tries wiggling it in, sometimes keys just need the right touch.
  7. The walker tries try turning the key in the opposite direction, some locks are backwards.
  8. The walker looks for any other door and tries the key in that door. 
  9. The walker starts the walk timer.
  10. The walker sends Spot Support a picture of the key and lock for further troubleshooting.
  11. The walker sends the dog owner an in-app message to ask whether they have any tips or tricks.
  12. The walker rings the doorbell, knocks, then tries opening the door to see if it’s unlocked. 
  13. The walker tries calling the owner using the emergency contact number listed on the walk page.
  14. The walker sends the dog owner a text message, in case their Spot notifications are turned off and they can't pickup calls at work.
  15. The walker waits for a response from the owner for the full paid walk time, as often, an owner will respond with a solution with enough time for a shortened walk.

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