Frequently Asked Questions

What can the walker do besides walk with my dog?
Can the walker feed my dog?
Does Spot supply the walking supplies?
What if my walker arrives late?
What if my walker doesn’t show up?
What if my walker cancels?
What happens if the walker can't get into my home?
Who sees my Walk & Entry Instructions?
How do I order a replacement lockbox?
Can I update my Walk & Entry Instructions?
Who are the walkers?
Does Spot have insurance?
Do walkers receive training?
Can the walker take my dog off-leash?
Does Spot offer group walks?
Does the walker bring their own leash, or use mine?
Can the walker take my dog to a nearby park?
Do the walkers bring treats?
Where can I see the GPS walk map?
What is the refund policy?
How do I get 20% off my walks?
How do I apply cash credit to a walk?
How do walk packages work?
Can I add another dog to my package?
Do I need a walk package for my recurring walk?
Do I need to book a specific set of days for my walk package?
What happens when my walk package runs out?
Is my credit card safe?
My puppy is not vaccinated
Can the walker just let out or play with my puppy?
Can the walker feed my puppy?
Does Spot require vaccination records?

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