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Letting Walkers In

What Are Lockboxes?

Lockboxes allow our walkers to gain access to your home with a key and or fob. They are a combination locked box that you can lock to the outside of your house, gate or apartment! Simply add an extra key and or fob into the box and lock it in an accessible location for our walkers.

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How To Use The Lockboxes

Add An Extra Key

Place your spare or extra key in the box as well as any other fob's needed to gain accsess to your home.

Lockbox Placement

Find an easily accsessable location to attatch your box to, this could be a front gate, railing or anything else it can attatch to!

Set The Code

Create a code and add the lockbox code to the "Entry Instructions" in the app for the walker to look up!

Only our background checked walkers and customer support team can view this information, for more on safety: click here.

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