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We have plenty of dog owners living in condominiums who use one of our lockboxes, which can be ordered using the section at the bottom of our menu. The lockbox can be fastened to anything outside of your building, and you can put in an extra set of keys and/or fob.Some buildings do not allow lockboxes, in this case, many of our customers will fasten the lockbox somewhere hidden, that is not directly in front of the building, generally on a fence or pole in an alleyway that can be easily explained to a walker in text. Alternatively, you can buzz a walker up, and lock the lockbox to your unit door, but this is definitely far less convenient as it means that you will have to be by your phone during the walker arrival time!Please let me know if this helps, and whether I can help answer anything else 🙂

Lockboxes are the most common way our customers allow walkers access into their homes. If you don't have a lockbox yet, we can order a lockbox for you, and reimburse you for the $20 fee after 3 dog walks.

How to Use Lockboxes

Outside of your home or condominium, your lockbox can be fastened to anything; a railing, fencepost, or door-handle. Some buildings don't actually allow lockboxes.. Iin this case many of our customers fasten their lockbox somewhere hidden and not directly attached in front of their buidling – generally on a fence, or pole in an alleyway, which can be easily explained to walker via text.

Inside of the lockbox, you can add a key and fob, which your walker can use when entering and exiting your home.

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