How It Works


Ordering Your Lockbox

Lockboxes allow our walkers to gain access to your home with a key or fob. Our lockboxes require a number combination to gain access to the key/fob inside.

Select 'Order A Lockbox'

In the app, you can go to the main menu and select 'order a lockbox'. You can then fill out the request form to get your lock box shipped to your door!

$20 Refundable Deposit

While your Lockbox is getting delivered we charge a $20 deposit that is refunded in Spot Cash Credit after your third walk or purchase of any discount walk package.

Add A Key & Set Your Code

When you receive your lockbox you can place an extra key or fob in the lockbox set your password and lock it onto a secure fence or structure that is accessible to your dog walker.

Need help setting up your lockbox? Give us a call today: 1 (877) 776-8955

Don't Need A Lockbox?

Other Entry Methods

In-Person Entry

If you are home at the time of the walk, just let our walkers know that you will be home to let them in on the entry instructions.

Door Codes & Electronic Locks

If your home has a keypad lock you can provide our walkers with the code to your door. These codes are only shared with the walker you accept.


For those living in apartments or condos, you can always add as many instructions as are needed to let your walker in.

Book, Edit, Or Cancel

Anytime, From Anywhere

Spot’s mobile app allows you to book, edit, and manage all of your dog walks from wherever you are. Get notified when walkers arrive, and follow along with the walk with live GPS-tracking!

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