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The only type of auto-renewal you'll encounter with Spot is with recurring dog walks. By choosing recurring dog walks, your credit card gets charged each time your packages of 10 walks runs out, so that you won't unexpectedly stop receiving visits from your dog walker.

For committing to auto-renewal with recurring dog walks, you'll receive 10% cash-back; this is essentially a 10% savings on your upcoming package, in addition to the 10% discount for a 10 walk package, so the total savings equals 20%. Our system automatically applies all available cash credit to every repurchase; your credit card on file gets charged, and you'll receive an email receipt after each repurchase.

As far as refunds, Spot's policy is to issue refunds immediately upon request, with no questions asked! Our goal is to make your recurring dog walks easier, without the need to manually repurchase, and there are no tricks or hidden fees involved.

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