How do I get 20% off my walks?

You can save 20% when combining a 10-walk package (10% discount) with a recurring walk (10% cash credit).

How to purchase a 10-walk package:

  1. Tap (Menu) > Discount Walk Packages > Select 10 walks – 10% discount.
  2. At the bottom of the page, toggle on the setting Auto-Repurchase On Zero Walks.

How to book a recurring walk:

  1. Tap (Book) or (Find Walkers) on the Homepage. 
  2. Under Choose Walk Type select Recurring and enter the weekdays, walker arrival timeframe, length, and start date.

The walks in a prepaid package can be used anytime and never expire. With a walk package, rather than charging your credit card after each walk, instead, a walk is taken from your package.

After every completed recurring walk, 10% of the regular (pre-discount) walk price is added to your account as a Cash Credit. For example, $2.40 after every 30-minute recurring walk. Cash Credit can be used to purchase future walks or packages and never expires.

With the Auto-Repurchase setting turned on, when your walk package reaches zero walks, all of the accumulated cash credit will automatically be applied to the purchase of your next package. With this setting on, you will automatically be charged every 10-walks, and will automatically receive the 20% discount.

With the Auto-Repurchase setting turned off, the process above will not be automatic. Instead, you will be notified when your walk package has 1 walk remaining, and when it reaches zero walks. With this setting off, the purchase of future walk packages and the use of your Cash Credit will be at your discretion.

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