Do walkers receive training?

Spot walkers are NOT dog trainers, and all have varying levels of experience. 

As part of the walker onboarding process, there is an 8-part video tutorial and 15-question multiple choice test to provide walkers with the basics needed to safely greet, leash, and walk a dog, and included information to help walkers mitigate risk and prevent dangerous situations. This tutorial is a basic introduction to safe dog walking and is not to be mistaken for a certified dog training program.  

If you have specific training techniques that you would like reinforced during a walk, it’s recommended that you schedule a meet-and-greet where you can discuss your preferred training techniques and philosophies. Spot offers unlimited free meet-and-greets when booking a recurring walk, and $12 meet and greets for non-recurring walks. However, there’s no guarantee that specific walkers will be available for specific dates and times once you have met.

When booking walks using the Spot App, you will have the ability review a walker’s profile before scheduling them. Once you enter the specifics of your walk request (dates and times), available walkers will accept, at which point you can review their profiles, ratings, & comments, start chatting, and select the walker of your choice. If you are not comfortable with any of the available walkers, you may cancel the pending walk request without being charged.

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