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Telling It Like It Is: Peer Guidance

John Minchin, Founder of Spot Dog Walking, was my guest today. John's entrepreneurial journey is inspiring, and if you are starting a business, you need to listen to his story. Creating a National brand is difficult, but so is surviving being punched in the face. If you need your dog walked, you have to download the App.

They are also the most recent Startup TNT Investment Summit Winner. If you are a company thinking of applying or individual thinking of investing, you don't want to miss this discussion.Thank you, Bitvo, for your sponsorship. They are on a mission to become Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange. Digital Currencies. Real People. Download our App or visit our website for more information - www.bitvo.comPeer Guidance - Purpose Before Profit guides Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses through their challenges focusing on Growth, Scaling & Angel Investing.

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