Pawsitive Match

How the users of Spot raised $1,000 for rescues

Pawsitive Match

To make a small contribution, Spot is excited to partner with Pawsitive Match.Based in Canada, Pawsitive Match has embarked on dog & cat rescue missions here at home, Mexico, Thailand, and the USA for more than 15 years.Entirely run by volunteers, this great rescue provides homes for surrendered pups, and offers refuge for dogs & cats from crowded or closing shelters, who might otherwise be euthanized.

With life returning to pre-pandemic ways and pup owners returning to the office, Canadian shelters worry that recently adopted dogs might be left behind

Calgary Humane Society

"We are definitely seeing, based on the ages of these dogs that… are being surrendered, that it’s about that two-year mark. So, you know, anecdotally, there’s probably a correlation there with the dogs that were impulsively bought during the beginning of the pandemic and the return to real life."

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- Brad Nichol March 2022


"When you look at the first quarter of 2021 versus 2022, what we’ve actually seen is the number of (dog surrender) requests has doubled."

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- Rachel Cote March 2022

Central Alberta Humane Society

"They say they don’t have time, or there’s no one home all day, or the dog is showing some challenging behaviors."

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- Shelli Steeves March 2022
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