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Selecting a Walker

Spot's booking system is different from competitors, in that the app doesn't allow you to select certain walkers and then book a walk; rather, the walk is first requested, and then available walkers will respond from whom you can then select.

Choosing a Specific Walker

Spot doesn't have a direct book or chat feature with walkers, because we can't always guarantee that specific walkers will be available for specific requests. Walker schedules all vary, and fill-up at peak times; so, rather than having you contact several walkers who may not be available, we instead try and connect you with those who are available for your walk request, quickly as possible.

With that said, if your favorite walker is available, booking her or him is the same process as requesting a regular booking! After creating your walk request, you can ignore other walkers as you wait for your favorite to accept; once they accept, you'll be able to send them direct messages to schedule meet-and-greets or chat about the booking.

Creating a Walk Request

To create a walk request, simply open the Spot Dog Walking app, and choose the "Book" button, located at the center-bottom of the screen. Select parameters like which dog of yours will be walked, and the arrival time window. Once you've submitted your walk request, you'll receive notifications as available walkers respond, and you can select your walker from that list.

Automatic Walker Selection With ASAP Walks

It's important to mention that, for ASAP walk requests, you aren't able to select a walker; rather, a walker is automatically assigned to your walk. The reason for this is that, due to the nature of our 90 minute arrival time guarantee of ASAP walks, there isn't the extra time to wait for walker selections, since time is of the essence.

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