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Locations We Service

Spot's dog walking service areas include: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and their surrounding areas. It's worth noting that we split our service areas into 2 categories: (a) Guaranteed Service, (b) Non-Guaranteed Service. Here's how each of those work.

Guaranteed Service

This typically means you reside within the city limits of Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, or at least close to their boundaries. The benefit of residing within our guaranteed service area is that, with each of your bookings, Spot promises that your booking will result in an insured dog walker arriving at your doorstep, on-time, or else the walk is free. Similarly, striving to be the most reliable dog walking service available, we've only ever had 0.3% of our dog walk bookings result in no-shows. In other words, living in the guaranteed service areas means you can always depend on Spot to bring a background-checked & insured dog walker to your door, on-time.

Non-Guaranteed Service

If you live within the non-guaranteed service areas, we still make every effort to ensure a dog walker arrives to your doorstep for the given time you've requested, but we can't promise you that a walker will arrive! If a dog walker is late for the time or doesn't show up, we unfortunately can't provide a free walk to you.

Expanding Service Areas

We're very confident that Spot is the safest, easiest, and most reliable dog walking service within our guaranteed service areas, but because we receive so few requests outside of those areas, it's oftentimes next to impossible to predict demand and appropriately staff walkers, without having them sit idle and lose interest. We hope you understand that businesses are filled with many unique and unanticipated challenges, though we undoubtedly hope to expand our service areas very soon!

Dog Walking & Sitting Options

In case Spot doesn't service your area yet, here are some thoughts you could consider.

For private walks, there are usually plenty of options with a single Google search, and you can expect to pay between $25 and $40 per hour. When vetting different services, just be sure that they have insurance for your pet and home, and have solutions for walker cancellations.

For group walks, companies & individuals often have great rates, and the extra socialization your dog receives will leave them more than satisfied!

On the other hand, doggy daycare is the most consistent and reliable option, especially since they never cancel. WIth doggy daycare, it's just a bit less convenient since you've got to drop-off and pick-up your pup, but they're priced competitively.

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