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Become a Walker

Calling all dog lovers!

Spot is hiring fast, we can have new applicants registered and on the road earning in as little as 3-days! We review applications almost daily... so click below to apply!

Our loyal customers and their four-legged friends are absolutely everything to us! Applicants must demonstrate a passion for animals and a devotion to customer service.

Spot walks are safe and easy, with insured walkers, GPS walk tracking, and a free key lockbox for home entry. For those who are potty-training their first puppy, constantly stuck working late, busy with travel, or simply looking to spoil their pup with more exercise, Spot puts dog owners minds at ease!

As a Spot Walker, you will set your own hours and will be scheduled to walk dogs in shifts. For most walking locations, we require that you have access to a vehicle to get from walk to walk. Most walks occur within 6km of the walker, but you are not required to transport dogs in your vehicle as walks are all private, single household, door-to-door, and on-leash.

In addition to the gift of companionship and cuddles with our cute pups, you will be compensated as follows:


15 Minute Walk

30 Minute Walk

45 Minute Walk

60 Minute Walk

+ additional dogs

+ long distance driving





$3 per dog

$1 – $20 bonus

We believe “What Goes Around Comes Around”, and we are therefore dedicated to supporting the community that supports us. Spot donates 10¢ for every 10 minutes walked, and over time that adds up.

To date we have donated $11,325 to The Calgary Humane Society, BCSPCA, AARCS, Pawsitive Match and to The Toronto Humane Society, and our current partner is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It’s important to us because the more pets we can help find homes, the more pets we can eventually serve!

If you are interested in joining our community, we would love to hear from you. We are accepting all types of applicants, full-time, part-time, evenings, weekends! We review applications every few weeks, and approved candidates will be interviewed, background checked and insured through our policy before being approved.