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Border collie next to backdrop of cartoon city
Border collie next to backdrop of cartoon city

Types Of Dog Walks

Book dog walks when you need them

ASAP Walks

Spot offers ASAP walks for when you can't make it home to meet your pup! ASAP walks in Calgary guarantee a dog walker to arrive in 90-minutes or the walk is free!

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Recurring Walks

If you are looking to supplement your dogs exercise Spot is great to easily set up recurring walks with the same walker at the same time on a daily or weekly basis. Save up to 20% on recurring walks!

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Future Dates

Going to an event? Taking a day trip to Banff? Spot allows you to book around your schedule for when you need to check up on your pup when your away!

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How we pick the best walkers for your dog(s)

Background Checks

Spot thoroughly vet's all applicants and only accepts around 5%. Walkers go through RCMP background checks and get manually selected by a human before becoming a Spot Dog Walker.

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Training + Information

All Spot Dog Walkers must go through the Information package and get tested on safety protocols such as how to leash the dog, enter the house safely and what to do in case of emergencies.

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The majority of Spot Dog Walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare, such as students in vet school or groomers and trainers that are semi or fully retired.

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Dog Walking In Toronto

There are an estimated 6.5 million people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and approximately 10 million in the Golden Horseshoe! What does that mean? Well, simply put, there are a lot of dogs in Canada’s largest metropolitan area! With over 500,000 dogs, more than 130 off-leash parks, and the biggest outdoor dog event in North America, Toronto was recently ranked the best city in Canada for dogs!

In addition to numerous off-leash areas, the Toronto has an abundance of dog-friendly outdoor spaces, including beaches, trails, and ravines, to enjoy. And once the pups have been out to play, there’s an invite waiting at one of the city’s many dog-friendly restaurants and patios!


Lengths Of Walks

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$12.80 - $16.00
15min walks are great to get your pup our for a potty break and stretch there legs while you are away!

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$16.80 - $20.00
30min walks let your pup spend some time outside, do their business and take their time sniffing around!

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$20.00 - $25.00
Most popular recurring walk length! 45min allows your pup to spend some time walking through parks and trails nearby!

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$22.40 - $28.00
Great for supplementing your dogs exercise and burning off some of there excsess energy while your away at work or during the day!


Currently serving these neighbourhoods

The Best Parks for Toronto Dog Walkers

High Park
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High Park in east Toronto comes with 8.5 acres of fenced-in land where your dog can run around safely without a leash. You’ll relish retreating from the busy city to this natural landscape woven with both dirt and paved trails. Meanwhile, your dog can explore all the trees and bushes while making friends with other Toronto canines.

Cherry Beach
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This park by the beach features an off-leash area for your dog to explore the lakeshore. They can sniff around in the sand, explore in the rocks, and play in the waves. It’s also a beautiful spot for you to relax and watch the sunset behind the Toronto skyline.

Sunnybrook Dog Park
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Sunnybrook Park used to be an estate owned by Joseph Kilgour in the 19th century. It’s been a park since 1928, but it still houses barns that are original to the estate. It also has a sweet little fenced-in area for dogs to roam without their leashes on. The area is surrounded by trees, so there are plenty of spots for your furry friend to sniff and snooze. You’ll also enjoy walking your dog along the park’s trails, where you may come across a river and local wildlife.

Sherwood Park
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When you visit Sherwood Park in the North York district of Toronto, you’ll feel like you’re in Sherwood Forest. Here in this cool, wooded space, you and your dog can spend hours exploring the trees, trails, wading ponds, and off-leash area. All the foliage provides welcome shade from the hot sun, as well as blocks off the view of the city. You might even forget you’re in the capital city of Ontario!

Berczy Park
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Berczy Park is a fun, quirky little place in downtown Toronto. Here, you’ll need to keep your dog on a leash, but they’ll still love nosing around the paths and getting some fresh air. There’s plenty to interest both of you, from the fountain to the dog and cat sculptures. Plus, you’ll be in downtown Toronto, which features lots of shops, restaurants, and room to walk.

Cedarvale Park
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You and your dog will absolutely savour the open air and grounds of Cedarvale Park! There is a grassy off-leash area for dogs to run, play, and make friends. There are extensive trails and a ravine to explore, plus a picnic area, a splash pad, and playground. It’s perfect for the whole family, not just your fur baby.

Earl Bales Dog Park
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Earl Bales Park is full of rolling green hills, towering trees, and paved paths for you and your dog to walk. There’s also an off-leash area that’s fenced in so you don’t have to worry about your dog running off. While you’re there, take some time to appreciate the memorials, the sensory garden, the amphitheatre, and all the other hidden treasures in this North York, Toronto park.

Silver Birch Dog Park
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Escape to the beach at Silver Birch Dog Park. Seeing how happy your dog is while running along the shoreline, cooling off in the lake waves, and playing with other canines will make you smile. You’ll have fun too, as you marvel at the view of Lake Ontario and watch the sun rise or set behind the city.

Humber Bay Park West Dog Park
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At Humber Bay Park in the Etobicoke York district of Toronto, your furry friend can run free in the off-leash area. You can also take them with you as you stroll the park, admiring the proliferation of local fowl, and the glassy surface of Lake Ontario.