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Last updated: 3 January 2022

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Do provincial health authorities in British Columbia actually allow dog-friendly patios?
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In British Columbia, dog friendly patios still technically aren’t allowed for most restaurants, unlike Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta! To skirt the provincial laws, most “dog-friendly” patios have spaces where you can tie your dog “nearby”, but not technically on the restaurant’s premises. Understandbly, for most dog owners and restaurant owners, although this workaround works, it's not really the real deal. That’s why, for instance, a petition was released in 2021, calling for amendments to the British Columbia Public Health Act, to follow the lead of other dog friendly patio provinces.

Which province was first in allowing dog-friendly patios?
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Alberta was the first province in Canada to allow dog friendly patios, starting in the autumn of 2012.

Are other provinces becoming more dog-friendly lately?
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Yes — in the spring of 2021, Nova Scotia joined the fleet of provinces, de-regulating their restaurant industries by allowing dog friendly patios. Seeking opportunities to help restaurants at a time when they’ve been battered every which way by the pandemic, premier Iain Rankin said, “we've listened to the restaurant industry. They told us this change will help them attract more dog owners who want to enjoy a leisurely meal or a beverage and be able to do so without having to leave their dogs at home.”

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