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Types Of Dog Walks

Book dog walks when you need them

ASAP Walks

Spot offers ASAP walks for when you can't make it home to meet your pup! ASAP walks in Calgary guarantee a dog walker to arrive in 90-minutes or the walk is free!

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Recurring Walks

If you are looking to supplement your dogs exercise Spot is great to easily set up recurring walks with the same walker at the same time on a daily or weekly basis. Save up to 20% on recurring walks!

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Future Dates

Going to an event? Taking a day trip to Banff? Spot allows you to book around your schedule for when you need to check up on your pup when your away!

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Featured Walkers

Spot allows you to pick
the walker of your choice

Dawn Ritchie-Logan

I have extensive experience in obedience training, and helping dogs with leash reactivity. I would be very happy to follow your training regime for your pup; or to offer alternative solutions to help your dog be a calm, confident member of your family.

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Since 2015
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Chelsea Osso

My name is Chelsea, I joined Spot as I am a huge dog lover and enjoy meeting new pups. I live in Marda Loop and don't mind driving to meet new potential furry clients. I have been with Spot for over a year and really enjoy meeting all the dogs young and old!

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955 Walks
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Since 2019
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How we pick the best walkers for your dog(s)

Background Checks

Spot thoroughly vet's all applicants and only accepts around 5%. Walkers go through RCMP background checks and get manually selected by a human before becoming a Spot Dog Walker.

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Training + Information

All Spot Dog Walkers must go through the Information package and get tested on safety protocols such as how to leash the dog, enter the house safely and what to do in case of emergencies.

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The majority of Spot Dog Walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare, such as students in vet school or groomers and trainers that are semi or fully retired.

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Dog Walking In Vancouver

Ranked the #1 most dog-friendly city in Canada and aiming to become the world’s greenest city by 2030, Vancouver is arguably one of the world’s most stunning places to live– which bodes well for the 200,000+ dog owners that call Vancouver home. This beautiful oceanside city is perfect for dog owners, with hundreds of kilometres of forested hiking trails and many off-leash beaches. Vancouver also receives top marks when it comes to dog-related amenities, boasting numerous dog walkers, dog daycares, pet-sitting services, pet food stores, and 24-hour vet clinics. In fact, Vancouver has more vets per capita than any other Canadian city.

Don’t want to leave your dog behind for dinner and a drink? Not only does Vancouver have more dog-friendly restaurants and patios than any other city in Canada, it’s also host to multiple dog-focused social events, from the Whistler DogFest to the K9 Wine & Dine fundraiser. There’s no shortage of activities for you and your furry friend in Vancouver.

Pricing & walk durations

Learn how much Spot dog walks cost

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$12.80 - $16.00

15min walks are great to get your pup our for a potty break and stretch there legs while you are away!

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$16.80 - $20.00

30min walks let your pup spend some time outside, do their business and take their time sniffing around!

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$20.00 - $25.00

Most popular recurring walk length! 45min allows your pup to spend some time walking through parks and trails nearby!

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$22.40 - $28.00

Great for supplementing your dogs exercise and burning off some of there excsess energy while your away at work or during the day!


Currently serving these neighbourhoods

The Best Parks for Vancouver Dog Walkers

Spanish Banks Off Leash Dog Area
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The Spanish Banks Off Leash Dog Area is situated on the banks of the Burrard Inlet. Your dog will love exploring the beach, getting their paws wet in the lapping waves, and zooming through the grassy fields. Since it’s an off-leash area, you can unclip your dog and let them take in all the scents – provided they get along well with the others.

Hadden Beach
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Bowmont Park’s fenced-in off-leash area features wide open fields that your dog will love running around in. You can also take your dog through the other parts of the park (on a leash, of course) where you’ll find beautiful trees, a bridge that crosses the Bow River, and the sparkling blue Alberta sky above you.

Charleson Dog Park
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Charleson Dog Park is situated by the banks of False Creek in Vancouver. The water, grassy fields, and walking trails make for great play areas for your dog. If you want to bring your entire family, there’s a great little playground with a wooden ship and a slide. You will spot numerous species of birds, including geese and heron. Charleson is a perfect blend of urban and natural that any dog and owner will find delightful.

George Wainborn Park
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George Wainborn Park is a great place to socialize with other dogs and their owners in the city. It’s situated beside False Creek, and features a large green grass area for your dog to run around in and play. There is a large fountain and stone benches where you can sit and watch the fun. To the northwest are skyscrapers, representing the height of Vancouver’s architectural achievements. For the urban lover and the dog lover alike, this park is a wonderful place to visit.

Devonian Harbor Park
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This lovely little spot is more urban than the beaches, but features plenty of amenities to keep your dog busy. Your dog will enjoy watching the ducks swimming in the pond or chasing their favourite toy through the plush green lawns. Devonian Harbor Park is not an off-leash area, but not to worry; you and your dog will have just as much fun on-leash taking in all the sights, sounds, and sensations of the park and the nearby marina.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park
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Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a dog walker’s paradise. This sprawling area encompasses 73 km of trails overshadowed by a dense forest. All that shade works to your advantage as the mid-day sun won’t bother you or your dog. The park has plenty of plants, shrubs, logs, and wildlife for your dog to sniff, and many other dogs to meet and greet.

Pandora Park
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Southwest of Vancouver Harbor lies Pandora Park, a sprawling play area with plenty of fun and engaging activities for dogs and their humans. Your dog will enjoy frolicking in the off-leash area with all of their new friends. If you have a family, bring them along on your excursion, as kids love the splash pad and playground. You may even want to make a contribution to the community garden. Whatever your park pleasure, Pandora has just about everything you and your dog could want in the middle of Vancouver.