Walker Screening

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Apply to become a walker at the application is then sent to our team for a screening.

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Human Approval

Every Spot dog walker has been approved by a real person who has gone through the walker’s full application. Only 5% of walkers get accepted. Once accepted they go through our on-boarding process which includes background checks.

Background Checks

If the applicant has been accepted they will then have to participate in a RCMP background check that goes through all major criminal and vulnerable sector checks. These checks meet and exceed all bondable standards for our policies.

How Spot Works

Find out how we provide Canada's best dog walking service!

We are Canada's most reliable dog walking service whether you need an ASAP or scheduled walk. We’ve got you covered, whether you need us on a weekly or daily basis.

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Types of walks

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Standard Walks

Regular walks can be booked up to 90min before the requested walk. After you request a walk you will get to accept the walkers that respond to your walk request. You can apply walk packages to these walks.

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ASAP Walks

ASAP walks put out a request to all available walkers and we will automatically match you with a walker. ASAP walks have a guaranteed arrival of 90 min or the walk is free.

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Recurring Walks

Recurring walks are pre-booked walks that happen on a daily or weekly basis with the same walker at the same time. Recurring walks are a great way to save per walk!

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