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Walker Entry

Most of our customers actually book their Spot walks while they're not at home; typically, they're at work or at social events. For that reason, it's important to outline ways that your dog walker can retrieve your pup when you're not at home.

There are 3 commons methods of walker entry which we'll cover here. These include using a lockbox, electronic doorcode, or hiding a key. It's totally up to you which method you use!

When requesting your first walk, there are areas in your bio where you can add your home entry info so you can communicate your preferred method to your walker.

Key Lockbox

We recommend this option of using a key lockbox; it's the same method home realtors use to show homes for sale. By attaching your key lockbox just outside your home or apartment, walkers can open the lockbox, access your housekey and fob (if needed), and retrieve your pup from inside your house.

If your condo or apartment building requires a fob to enter the main entrance, you can certainly let your walker know to call and get buzzed in, but fobs are usually easier, since you won't have to be near your phone.

Electronic Doorcode

If your front door uses an electronic doorcode, that's great as well. Not only does it eliminate the risk of lost keys, but many electronic entrance keypads nowadays actually have programming where you can set times during which certain entrance codes work; thus, for maximum security you can set your walker's entrance code to work, only during the walk time.

If your home has an electronic doorcode, but a fob is still needed for access through a main gate, then please do remember to also provide fob access to your walker.

Hidden Key

One tried and true method for home access is by hiding a key; it could be hidden underneath a doormat, in the mailbox, inside a planter – anywhere inconspicuous and easily findable by the walker.

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