How It Works

Walker Entry

Ways To Let The Walker In:

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If you are going to be home to let your walker in, just simply inform the walker that you will be there, and the walker will knock or buzz to be let in.

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Spot provides lockboxes that are available if you book 3 walks or purchase a walk package. Just place a key inside and share the code with the walker.

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Custom Instructions

Have a door-code? A door-man? A door-door? Fill out the instructions section in any way that gives the walker accsess to your house.

Spot Safety

Keeping you and your pup safe

Spot works hard to keep you, your pup and our walkers safe. Whether it be from Covid-19 or the risks that happen when walking dogs, Spot always tries to create the safest environment.

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How To

Order a lockbox

Select "Request Lockbox"

In the menu on the app select "Oder A Lockbox" Fill out your personal & shipping information to order a lockbox.

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Update Your Entry Instructions

Once you set up your lockbox and securely lock it near your door, fill out the rest of the "Entry Instructions" to provide walkers with the location and code for the lockbox on arrival.

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Get the Lockbox Free

Once you order a lockbox there is a $20 holding fee that will be fully reimbursed once you book three walks or purchase a walk package for the first time.

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