Walk Instructions

Leave your walker detailed instructions for the walk

Walk Instructions

Walk instructions are important for explaining to your walker how to best handle your pup, and the environment of your neighborhood.

It's extremely helpful to explain behaviours and traits which your walker should know about to safely walk your dog. For example, if your dog tends to lunge towards rodents, or feels uncomfortable around other dogs, the walker can adapt the walk accordingly to make sure you pup is comfortable and safe. Similarly, if there are certain commands which you'd like your dog walker to help reinforce during the walks, you can explain those in the walk instructions as well.

Since all of Spot's walks are door-to-door, meaning no car transportation is involved with your dog, it's also helpful to point out any nearby parks, paths, or streets which your walker can explore with your dog. If there are certain areas to avoid, that can be specified in the walk instructions as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I tell my walker in the walk instructions?

    You can recommend different trails nearby which your dog enjoys, verbal commands in case she lunges towards animals or other dogs, and other information which you think might be valuable for the walker to know about.

  • Is it okay if I leave my walk instructions empty?

    If you have nothing specific to add to your walk instructions, you can simply write something like, "feel free to take Toto anywhere around the neighborhood – there are plenty of trails nearby!"

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