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Notified on Arrival

When the walker gets to your home, they will thoroughly read through the instructions you provided in the "Entry Instructions" to get into your home and send you an alert when they have arrived.

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Once again the walker will follow instructions written out by you on how to leash your dog. The walker will then securely leash your pup, lock the door and head out for the walk.

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Live Updates

While on the walk you can check-in at any time with live GPS-tracking. The walker will also add photos and videos of your pup out on the walk, as well as update the potty report if and when your dog does their business

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Returning Your Pup

After the walker has completed the walk, they will bring back your pup, unlock the door the same way they entered, return your pup, follow any instructions in the "Walk Instructions" and return the leash to the spot it was retrieved from.

Spot Safety

Keeping you and your pup safe

Spot works hard to keep you, your pup and our walkers safe. Whether it be from Covid-19 or the risks that happen when walking dogs, Spot always tries to create the safest environment.

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Meet the walkers

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Background Checked

To become a Spot Dog Walker, applicants must pass an RCMP background check that searches all major criminal lists. Spot also manually approves walkers, by a human.

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Spot' s Premium Pet and Home Insurance comes standard with every walk. Our insurance covers up to $30k for veterinary costs and up to $5 million in property insurance.

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Get walkers near you that know the best spots and parks in your area. Spot walkers are eagerly waiting to meet you and your pup!

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Answering Your Questions

How can you ensure the safety of my dog and my property?
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To ensure your dog gets the one-on-one attention they deserve, Spot dog walks are all private, on-leash, door-to-door, and GPS tracked, which means no groups, no off-leash parks, and no time spent in vehicles, period! Spot's dog walkers are background checked and every walk comes with premium pet and property insurance with veterinary coverage of $30,000 and home & property coverage of $5 Million.

How does the dog walker get into my house?
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We supply key lockboxes that are used to store an extra set of keys/fob. The lockbox can be fastened outside of your house or building and you can share the lockbox code with the walker ahead of their arrival.  While the lockbox is the most common means of entry, some condo owners prefer to buzz the walker up, and some homeowners share their door code with the walker or even hide a key somewhere on their premises.When downloading the Spot app, you will be asked whether you would like to order a lockbox. However, if you missed this prompt, there is a section in the dropdown menu titled “Order a Lockbox.” When requesting your first walk, you will be asked to provide your entry information, which will be shared with the walker ahead of their arrival.

Who are the dog walkers and how do you screen them?
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Spot dog walkers are all local animal lovers looking to spend a little more time with their favourite four-legged friends. Many Spot walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare. We accept less than 5% of walker applicants; approved walkers have all passed an RCMP criminal background check and are insured under Spot’s insurance policy.

Can the walker handle my dog?
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Spot Dog Walkers all have the ability to see the pup profile before accepting a walk, we encourage our walkers to only accept walks inside there comfort zone. As long as you filled out your pup profile with necessary information you will be connected with a capable walker.

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