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Viewing Walker Profiles

The profiles of dog walkers can help you determine if certain dog walkers will be compatible with your dog. Their profile will contain photos, feedback & reviews, the number of recurring customers they have, and their bio.

Can I Chat With Any Dog Walker?

You won't be able to chat with any dog walker; for example, if you navigate to the home screen of the Spot Dog Walking app and click various walkers who you see on the map, you'll notice that (upon visiting their profile) there's no option to chat with them. This is because you can only chat with dog walkers who have responded to your current walk requests, or who have walked your dog in the past.

How Can I View Walker Profiles?

There are a few ways you can view walker profiles. The most useful way, however, is by creating your walk request, and waiting for available walkers to respond; from there, you can view their profiles, chat with them, and even schedule meet-and-greets.

To view your past walkers, you can visit the Spot Dog Walking app, navigate to the 3 lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and select "My Walkers" from the sidebar menu which appears.

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