Types of Dog Walks

View the 3 types of dog walks which Spot offers

Types of Dog Walks

We offer 3 different types of dog walks to fit different scheduling needs you might have; these include ASAP walks, single walks for later, and recurring dog walks.


Our ASAP dog walks are perfect if you're in a rush; within 90 minutes, a Spot dog walker is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep. If your walker is even 1 minute late, your dog walk if completely free-of-charge! Due to time constraints, ASAP walks are automatically scheduled with a background-checked and insured walker. Unlike  single walks for later and recurring walks, with ASAP walks, we choose your walker for you, due to time constraints being tighter.

Single Walks for Later

These walks are great if you know you'll be busy at a specific time – perhaps attending a family brunch or ballet recital – which is just a one-time event. Single dog walks for later include any walks which don't have to start within 90 minutes or less; they include walks that start in 2 hours from now, or walks that start 2 weeks from now.

With these "for later" walks, you'll be able to choose your dog walker once nearby walkers respond to your request. Although you might not have the same walker for your different single walks, you'll probably get to know a few familiar faces who would love to walk your pup!


Dog walks which happen at the same time and same day, with the same walker every week, and on an ongoing basis, are called recurring dog walks.

For example, if you needed a walk Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with start times between 11am and 2pm, that would classify as a recurring walk. You're free to choose whichever days of the week when the walks recur, though they'll have the same arrival time windows. If for example you're also looking for walks on Tuesday and Saturday between 2pm and 4pm, you would just create another recurring walk request with those times and dates.

At anytime, you can cancel individual walks out of the recurring scheduled if you need, whether it's a stat holiday, you're home sick, or just don't need a walk that day. You're only charged for walks that occur, not walks that are scheduled.

As a bonus, after each recurring dog walk you receive 10% of the full walk price back in cash credit to be used on future purchases; as an example, you'd receive $2 cash-back for every 30-min walk, which means you'll save extra with recurring walks!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some examples of each type of dog walk?

    If you needed a dog walker within the next 90 minutes, ASAP dog walks would fulfill that need for you (with a $3 additional charge). In case you knew you needed a dog walk during your daughter's ballet recital this evening, a single walk for later would fit that need. For repeating walks at noon while you're at work, recurring walks would be the right pick for you.

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