Insurance and Veterinary Reimbursement Coverage

Veterinary coverage comes with every Spot walk booking

Insurance and Veterinary Reimbursement Coverage

With every walk, your dog is covered by $15,000 of veterinary coverage. Similar to the home insurance which you'll receive, the pet insurance is deductible-free, and we've fortunately gone without any safety incidents after more than 80,000 walks completed.

To mitigate risks, every Spot dog walk is on-leash, door-to-door (meaning no car transportation involved), private, and GPS-tracked.


Unfortunately, the insurance we have does not cover American Pitbull Terriers, and we therefore cannot walk this breed. Without a doubt, breed stigma and restrictions are biased and unfair, and we know this first-hand, having family members with a pitbull who works as a therapy dog.

Spot hopes you understand this is not our choice; businesses are very difficult and full of unforseen events and circumstances! We love and would happily service all breeds, but until our insurance policy budges we can't either. It took us almost 1-year to find and customize an insurance policy to cover our unique business model, and insurance is our largest ongoing expense. After 80,000 walks without a claim, we're fighting to have this restriction removed.

When this rule came into place, we offered a few of our long time suspected mix-breed (pitbull) customers a complimentary DNA test, and it turns out that none of their dogs actually came back pitbull! We understand that this might not be worth your time or effort, but if you do find that your dog is not a pitbull then we can happily service you and your pup!

We know there is no greater risk walking pitbulls than any other dog we walk, but insurance policies are what they are. We are trying to build a long lasting company which is which is why we can't take this risk, but we are taking massive action on many fronts to have this breed restriction lifted!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there other ways that Spot keeps dogs safe?

    In addition to the $30,000 of pet insurance with each walk, all dog walks are door-to-door (meaning no car transportation is involved), on-leash, and private. Also, all dog walkers are screened with police background-checks.

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