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Our Guarantees

If you live within Spot's guaranteed service area, your dog walker is ensured to arrive on-time, otherwise your dog walk is completely free!

Since Spot's start in 2016, only 0.3% of walks have resulted in no-shows, with our most recent no-show being several years ago! On the other hand, late arrivals happen on an occasional basis due to inclement weather, vehicle issues, or organizational mixups; however, if your dog walker is even 1 minute late, Spot guarantees that you'll receive your dog walk 100% free of charge in case that happens!

How It Works

For example, if your walker's scheduled arrival time is between 11am and 1pm, and your walker suddenly realizes she can't make it to walk your pup, Spot's hard-working humans create a replacement walk request, finding an alternative walker with rush bonus payment to ensure your pup still gets sunshine! If this replacement walker arrives by 1:15pm, such that she's 15 minutes late, your walk is 100% free with our on-time guarantee!

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