Introduce your walker to your dog before your booking


Meet-and-greets are extremely helpful for determining if your dog and your prospective walker might have some compatibility with each other. There are 2 ways of scheduling walker meet-and-greets which will be covered here.

Before Requesting a Walk

For scheduling meet-and-greets before requesting a walk, you can open the Spot app, and within the sidebar menu there's an option entitled "Meet Walkers". In the page which pops up, you can propose the time for meeting, and available walkers will respond who you can then schedule. This isn't the best way to book meet-and-greets; walkers might not respond as readily, as they don't know what scheduling you'd be looking for and therefore might not want to commit to a meet-and-greet.

After Requesting a Walk

A better way of scheduling meet-and-greets is by submitting a walk request first, and then requesting meet-and-greets from available walkers. To do this, you can create your walk request, wait for available walkers to respond with their availability, and then casually chat with walkers who respond to your walk request. Once you and the walker have determined a time which works for both of you to meet, you can then contact Spot Support and we'll officially schedule your meet-and-greet so that the walker gets paid for their time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are walker meet and greets free?

    If you've schedule a recurring walk request, you can have unlimited meet and greets free of charge! For single walk requests, meet and greets cost $12 to compensate for the walker's time.

  • What's the easiest way to schedule a walker meet and greet?

    The simplest way to schedule a meet and greet is by: (1) requesting your dog walk, (2) waiting for walkers to respond, (3) chatting with walkers who respond and figuring out a time to meet, (4) letting Spot Support know via Support Chat of the agreed upon time, and we will create a meet and greet appointment to ensure the walker is compensated

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