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How to Book Walks

It's just a few steps to book dog walks inside of the Spot app. You'll have to have made a profile for your dog beforehand, so if you haven't completed your pup's profile yet you can visit here for more instructions.

Select a Type of Walk

There are a few types of walks which Spot offers, including ASAP walks (extra charge of $3), single walks for later, and recurring dog walks. To get started, simply open the Spot Dog Walking app and select "Find Walkers" at the home-screen. From there, you can select the type of walk you're looking for.

Once you've chosen your type of walk, you'll also notice fields where you can select the arrival window for your walker, and the length of the dog walk. The arrival window walk specifies when the walker can arrive to start the walk; the walk doesn't have to finish within the arrival window.

You can also select the length of the walk; Spot offers dog walks which are 15min, 30min, 45min, and 60min in length. Once you click "Next" you'll be taken to the Walk Request page.

Create the Walk Request

The walk request page is essentially the "checkout" page, where you can enter your address, walker entry instructions & walk information, and add your payment information.

With the walker entry information, try to be as specific as you can about details like nearby parking, concierge sign-in if needed, buzz codes, and instructions upon entering your home. Similarly, with your dog's walk instructions, let the walker know about any commands your dog knows, good or bad habits your pup may have during walks, and information about where their leash, collar, and harnesses can be found.

Once you've entered your card instructions, you can click "Confirm" at the bottom of the page, and await walkers who are available to meet your request!

Choosing Your Dog Walker

Once you've created your walk request, dog walkers in your area will receive notifications that your pup needs a walk, and they'll have the opportunity to respond with their availability. The more proactively you can create your walk requests, the better, since it gives you more time to wait for more walkers to respond, which allows you more options of walkers from which to choose.

You can browse the profiles of available walkers, seeing their past review and bios, to find one who you most prefer. Also, you'll be able to chat with walkers who are available; if you'd like to schedule meet-and-greets, simply arrange the time via chats, and let Spot Support know – from there, we'll officially schedule the meet and greet to ensure the walker is paid for their time. Meet-and-greets are free for customers who request recurring dog walks.

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