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How do you ensure the safety of my dog?
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To keep your dog safe we ensure there are no group walks, no off-leash parks and no time spent in vehicles! View all of our safety polices.

Can I have the same walker every time?
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Yes! With recurring walks you will receive the same walker every walk at the same time. If you want the same walker but haven't scheduled a recurring walk you can only hope that the walker will be one of the walkers to accept the request!

Can the walker handle my dog?
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Spot Dog Walkers all have the ability to see the pup profile before accepting a walk, we encourage our walkers to only accept walks inside there comfort zone. As long as you filled out your pup profile with necessary information you will be connected with a capable walker.

How does the dog walker get into my house?
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Spot provides lock boxes that you can share the code with your walker to let them in, we also allow you to buzz in or let in the walker yourself if required. Order a lock box.

Who are the dog walkers and how do you screen them?
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Spot dog walkers are local animal lovers in your city that have gone through are process to be selected. We accept less than 5% of walker applicants; approved walkers have all passed an RCMP criminal background check and are insured under Spot’s insurance policy.

Can I meet a walker first?
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Spot provides as many free meet and greets for customers requesting recurring walks. For those who would still like to do a meet and greet for standard walks there is a $12 fee to make sure the walker is compensated for their time and commute.

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