Entry Instructions

How to safely access your home and retrieve your pup

Entry Instructions

Entry instructions for your dog walker will help them safely access your pup in case you're not home. It's best to give clear, simple instructions so that your walker can sooner get started with exercising & mentally stimulating your dog via the walk!

Home Access

For homes, you'll simply need to explain how to enter your home, and then how to retrieve your dog. For home entrance, if you have a key lockbox, electronic doorcode, or hidden key, you'll just let your dog walker know where to find the lockbox, how to use the keypad, or where to locate the key. Next, let your walker know where to find your dog (for example, where their crate may be) as well as the supplies for the walk – such as the harness, leash, treats, and so on.

Apartment & Condo Access

Apartments and condos just have the extra step of accessing the main entrance, typically via a fob or concierge. You can explain to your walker what your buzz code is, and you can buzz your walker in, though Spot's best recommendation is to share a fob in a key lockbox outside your building, as you won't need to be at your phone to let your walker in the building. After that, the procedure is similar to home access, in that you'll let your walker know where to find the key or how to use the doorcode, and how to retrieve your dog upon entering your home.

Is My Home & Property Safe?

Spot ensures that your home and property are safe by providing deductible free home and property insurance for up to $5,000,000. After more than 80,000 dog walks, we're lucky to have never had to tap into this insurance policy.

Know that it's also perfectly okay to leave a camera in your home; in case you do, please just let your walker know that they'll be on camera. With that being said, we tell all of our walkers to assume that customers have cameras installed. All walkers are background-checked & insured, and we've never experienced incidents of breakage or theft from our dog walkers.

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