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Booking A Walk

Booking Your First Walk

Easily book walks right from your phone, or call us today to get set up!

Download "Spot Dog Walkers"

Search for Spot Dog Walkers on the App Store Or Google Play Store. Download Spot Dog Walkers Now.

Create A Pup Profile

Add your dog or dogs to your profile, add their age, breed and a bio describing their behaviour to walkers.

Add Entry Instructions

You can then add your entry instructions on how the walker can gain access to your home to retrieve your pup. Add into the instructions if your home, a door code they can use or the location of a lockbox.

Send Out A Request

Once your profile is set up and your entry instructions are added you can book a walk! Select the walk type, duration and walker arrival time. Before checkout, you can purchase a walk package to use. Then confirm your walk request.

Accept A Walker

After you send out a walk request, walkers will get notified of your request, the average response time is 5-10min. Once walkers respond to your request you can view their profile before accepting the walker of your liking.

Need Help Getting Set Up?

Get set up by our support team over the phone in just minutes.

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Managed Accounts

Set up a schdule and automatically have walkers complete your walks.

No Guarantee Area

If you are located outside of our guaranteed service area, click here to learn more.

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