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ASAP Walks

Find dog walkers on-demand, within 90 minutes

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Get Connected With a Walker Instantly

90 minute walker arrival- Within 90 minutes, you’re guaranteed to have a walker at your doorstep, or else it’s free! Even if your walker is just 1 minute late, your on-demand walk is fully compensated by Spot.

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When Your In a Pinch

ASAP walks are perfect for sudden errands, late days at work, or other unexpected events in your day. During those moments, you can rely on Spot to connect your dog with a walker on-time.

Please note that Spot's 90min guaranteed on-time arrival only applies in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto*

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If you need assistance setting up an account or want to learn more about managed accounts: Click Here

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How do the walkers get in?
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Walkers can be let in multiple ways depending on where you live and how you set up your entry instructions. You can set up your entry instructions based on what fits best to gain access to home. Spot offers lockboxes, but you can also use door codes, or let them in yourself if you are home.

How can you guarantee a walker in 90min?
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Spot has a vast community of walkers that are ready to accept your walk request! Spot dog walkers are 67X more on-time than your average plane departure.

Why is there a fee for ASAP walks?
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ASAP walks take a lot of behind the scenes effort for the walkers to make it on time to your pup! We compensate the walkers for the added stress and possible commute times.

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