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1. Browse Dog Walkers In Your Area

All walkers are insured & background-checked, with only 5% of applicants being approved on average.

2. Schedule Your Spot Dog Walk

After downloading the app and adding your pup's profile, you can submit 3 types of walk requests throughout the Spot Dog Walker network: (a) ASAP walks within 90min, (b) scheduled walks, (c) or recurring walks, in which you can save an additional 10%.

3. Choose Your Spot Dog Walker

Upon submitting your walk request, available Spot walkers near you will respond with their availability. You get to choose your preferred dog walker from the list of responders, based on their ratings and profile.

4. Await Your Chosen Dog Walker

If you have electronic keypad entry, a lockbox (which we can provide), or a spare key, your Spot Dog Walker can walk (and feed or play) with your dog, and you don't have to be at home! Spot guarantees $5,000,000 of home insurance and $30,000 of pet insurance.

5. Get Notified, With Live GPS

With every dog walk, enjoy Spot's famous customer support; ask questions 7 days-a-week, with immediate response times. We honor the trust you grant us with your beloved puppy, and return it with the best service we can muster.

6. Get Saveable Videos From Your Pup's Walk

With every paw-step, your dog's walk is GPS-tracked, so you can watch your walker's route, plus where your dog poos and pees!

Your walker also snaps photos and videos of your dog(s), so you don't have to miss out while you're at work or at home.

7. Save Time And Keep Your Dog In Good Health

Whether it's your dog's digestive tract, joint health, or weight, regular dog walking is good for their physical and mental health. Spot helps dog parents live their lives, while ensuring their dogs are healthy and active.


What is Spot?
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Spot is the easiest way to book a dog walker. Whether you need a consistent recurring walker, or someone last minute, we’ve got you covered! Spot is flexible with no required commitment.

What is Spot Cash?
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Spot Cash is earned when booking recurring walks and automatically accumulates in your account to be applied when processing payment.

What are the dog walking hours of operation?
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Book walks anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Who are the dog walkers and how do you screen them?
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Calling all dog lovers! Our walkers are local animal lovers looking to work with their favorite four-legged friends.

Most of our walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare.

Walkers are all interviewed, background & reference checked, and insured before being approved.

How does the dog walker get into my house?
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Spot pays for a lockbox for you (after your first walk) with a cash credit to your account.

You can attach the lockbox outside your house (or apartment building), share the code with your walker, and buzz them in or let in the walker yourself if you're at home.

Order a lock box.

Who are the dog walkers and how do you screen them?
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Spot Dog Walkers are local animal lovers in your city that have gone through are process to be selected.

We accept less than 5% of walker applicants; approved walkers have all passed an RCMP criminal background check and are insured under Spot’s insurance policy.

Can I meet a walker first?
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Spot provides as many free meet and greets for customers requesting recurring walks. Recurring walks are same time, same weekday, same walker each week, ongoing, for example:

M, W, F between 11:00-2:00 with Nicole or M-F between 2:00-5:00 with Traci. After each recurring walk you receive 10% of the full walk price back in cash credit to be used on future purchases, $2 for every 30-min walk for example.

For those who would still like to do a meet and greet for standard walks there is a $12 fee to make sure the walker is compensated for their time and commute.

Do I have to meet a walker first?
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No, meet and greets are completely optional and only about 10% of our customers meet their walkers first.

Can I have the same walker every time?
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Only when booking on a weekly recurring schedule, otherwise we can’t guarantee that your favorite will always be available for every request.

Do you walk my dog with other people's dogs?
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No! Walks are all private and door-to-door… so no transportation in vehicle.

How do you ensure that my dog is safe?
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Walks are all private, on-leash, with no transportation in vehicle.

With recurring walk packages, we offer unlimited free meet-and-greets to ensure you find the walker that is right for you.

Walkers are all interviewed, background & reference checked, and insured before being approved.

Is my home safe?
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Your home is protected for up to $5,000,000 when you book with Spot.

Can I request the dog walker to come at a specific time?
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If you are booking on-demand, we guarantee a walker will arrive in less than 90-minutes or your walk is free!

If you are scheduling in advance, you set a desired timeframe (no less than 1-hour) within which the walker will arrive.

Can I request the walker to feed my dog?
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Yes, you can also ask your walker to simply play with your dog in your backyard. We're very flexible!

Are off-leash walks available?
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No they're not! Our #1 priority is the safety of your pet and off-leash services are too risky!

Will the walker pickup my dog and drive them to the park?
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No. To ensure your pet is safe, walks are all door-to-door.

How does scheduling work?
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On-Demand: Guaranteed walker arrival in 90-minutes or less or the walk is free.

Scheduled: Book a walk for anytime in the future.

Recurring: Occur the same day and time every week and get an extra 10% discount.


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