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Supplementing Exercise

Burning Off Energy:

High energy dogs can require a lot of attention to ensure that they are reaching their exercise needs everyday. There are a few ways to do this when you have the time to spend with your dog by going to the dog park, going for a walk and playing fetch with them.

For the times where you don’t have enough time in the day or are stuck at work Monday to Friday Spot offers walks up to 1hr to help burn off some of that extra energy while your dog is stuck at home! As well as burning off some of that extra energy, a consistent walking schedule can benefit your dog in many ways as they develop a routine. 

How To Set This Up:

Choosing Your Schedule: Depending on how often you’d like your dog walked whether it be the days you are working or everyday to help supplement their exercise. Spot is super flexible when scheduling dates as well as canceling walks you have booked in the future.

If you plan to be using Spot everyday, to get a discounted rate booking a recurring walk is the way to go! It comes with a 10% discount as well as the same 1 or 2 walkers that will provide the walks so your pup will start to warm up to them as more walks happen. A recurring walk is booked on the same weekday(s) at the same time. For example a Monday to Friday walk at 1:00pm. Or Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00am.

Purchasing Your Walks: When booking a recurring walk we always suggest purchasing your walks with a walk package, they come in 5 or 10 walks with 5% and 10% discounts respectively. These can be set to automatically renew so you won’t have to worry about always checking that you have a walk available.  

Duration Of The Walk: For high energy dogs a 45 minute walk or a 60 minute walk would be suggested to be able to walk further, get more steps in and burn of some of that built up energy.
Walk lengths can be cut short at your request if there are other things you’d like your walker to do like playing fetch in the backyard, tug-of-war or even filling their food or water.

Estimated Costs

45min Walk

7 Days A Week

Recurring Walks - $22.50/per walk
Recurring + Package - $20.00/per walk
10 Walk Package - $200.00
Est Cost Per Month: $400.00

Compare Doggy Daycare 20 Visits: $850

60min Walk

7 Days A Week

Recurring Walks - $25.20/per walk
Recurring + Package - $22.40/per walk
10 Walk Package - $224.00
Est Cost Per Month: $672.00

Compare Doggy Daycare 30 Visits: $1275

Prices For 1 Dog, Additional Dogs range from $4-$5 depending on package, length and if used in a recurring schedule.