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Types Of Dog Walks

Book dog walks when you need them

ASAP Walks

Spot offers ASAP walks for when you can't make it home to meet your pup! ASAP walks in Calgary guarantee a dog walker to arrive in 90-minutes or the walk is free!

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Recurring Walks

If you are looking to supplement your dogs exercise Spot is great to easily set up recurring walks with the same walker at the same time on a daily or weekly basis. Save up to 20% on recurring walks!

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Future Dates

Going to an event? Taking a day trip to Banff? Spot allows you to book around your schedule for when you need to check up on your pup when your away!

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Featured Walkers

Spot allows you to pick
the walker of your choice

Dawn Ritchie-Logan

I have extensive experience in obedience training, and helping dogs with leash reactivity. I would be very happy to follow your training regime for your pup; or to offer alternative solutions to help your dog be a calm, confident member of your family.

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Since 2015
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Chelsea Osso

My name is Chelsea, I joined Spot as I am a huge dog lover and enjoy meeting new pups. I live in Marda Loop and don't mind driving to meet new potential furry clients. I have been with Spot for over a year and really enjoy meeting all the dogs young and old!

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955 Walks
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Since 2019
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How we pick the best walkers for your dog(s)

Background Checks

Spot thoroughly vet's all applicants and only accepts around 5%. Walkers go through RCMP background checks and get manually selected by a human before becoming a Spot Dog Walker.

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Training + Information

All Spot Dog Walkers must go through the Information package and get tested on safety protocols such as how to leash the dog, enter the house safely and what to do in case of emergencies.

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The majority of Spot Dog Walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare, such as students in vet school or groomers and trainers that are semi or fully retired.

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Dog Walking In Edmonton

Edmonton is hands down one of Canada’s most pet friendly cities, with a whopping 200,000 dogs and cats, there are now more pets living in Edmonton than there are kids. The city of Edmonton estimates that at least 1 in every 3 households has a pet, so to say that Edmonton is merely “dog friendly” would be an understatement… this city is dog obsessed!

Edmonton boasts more than 40 off-leash areas where your dog can run, sniff, and play. The city is also a North American leader in dog adoptions, with numerous animal shelters and rescues that specialize in rehoming both local and imported dogs and pets. From the city’s extensive selection of dog parks, to it’s numerous pet friendly restaurants and patios, you can be sure that you and your four-legged friend will never run out of dog-friendly activities in Edmonton.

Pricing & walk durations

Learn how much Spot dog walks cost

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$12.80 - $16.00

15min walks are great to get your pup our for a potty break and stretch there legs while you are away!

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$16.80 - $20.00

30min walks let your pup spend some time outside, do their business and take their time sniffing around!

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$20.00 - $25.00

Most popular recurring walk length! 45min allows your pup to spend some time walking through parks and trails nearby!

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$22.40 - $28.00

Great for supplementing your dogs exercise and burning off some of there excsess energy while your away at work or during the day!


Currently serving these neighbourhoods

The Best Parks for Edmonton Dog Walkers

Buena Vista Park
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Buena Vista Park lets you enjoy one of Edmonton’s beautiful natural attractions, The North Saskatchewan River. The park extends up to the river banks, which are accessible by walking trails that wind through the forest. Your dog will love exploring the plants, trees, wildlife, and shorelines along these rocky paths. You might even enjoy walking here more than your dog, as you retreat into an entirely new world completely separate from your urban lifestyle.

Hermitage Dog Park
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Hermitage Dog Park is an off-leash area surrounded by ponds and open grassy spaces. It’s a beautiful, natural oasis where your dog can run and play fetch without feeling hedged in. If you want to enjoy a scenic walk, the park features lovely trails ripe for exploration. Hermitage Dog Park is a weekly must for those who live nearby.

Jackie Parker Off Leash Dog Park
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If your dog loves running in the fresh air, then Jackie Parker Off Leash Dog Park is the place for you! The grassy fields are almost as wide as the crisp blue sky overhead. It’s a popular place for dogs and children as well. Jackie Parker is the perfect park if your dog loves socializing with other dogs.

Rio Park
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Bring your dog to Rio Park and enjoy the many trails this off-leash area has to offer; whether gravel or dirt, there’s a trail at Rio Park for you. You might also enjoy climbing down the stairs to reach the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Overall, this quiet park is perfect for a laid-back walk for a dog and their owner.

Terwillegar Park
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Terwillegar Park is a sprawling forested area nestled between a bend in the North Saskatchewan River. There are numerous points of interest here for a curious, active dog, including ponds, riverbanks, and an off-leash area where they can stretch their legs and play with the other dogs. Both you and your dog will enjoy exploring the park and discovering the footbridge, a canoe-launch point, and trails for hiking and cycling.

Belgravia Off Leash Area
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Belgravia Off Leash Area offers a stunning view of the North Saskatchewan River. Just follow the main trail and take a seat on one of the benches at the summit’s lookout and take in the impressive horizon. While enjoying the view, your dog can run freely and make new friends. Whether you prefer leisure or activity, Belgravia is the off-leash park for you and your pup.

Hawrelak Trail Off Leash Site
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Escape to the beach at Silver Birch Dog Park. Seeing how happy your dog is while running along the shoreline, cooling off in the lake waves, and playing with other canines will make you smile. You’ll have fun too, as you marvel at the view of Lake Ontario and watch the sun rise or set behind the city.

Alex Decoteau Park
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Alex Decoteau Park is a small park located in downtown Edmonton. This lovely park offers a fenced-in area for off-leash play, which is perfect for socializing with other inner-city dog owners. Take note of the park’s water feature and the bright red sculpture… just make sure your dog doesn’t mistake it for a fire hydrant!