the Ultimate Guide for Ottawa's Dog Friendly Patios!

Last updated: 3 January 2022

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Are dog-friendly patios legal in Ottawa, Ontario?
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Yes! Thanks to the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act, it’s legal to bring your dog toeat with you at restaurants in Ottawa.

When were dog friendly patios made legal in Ontario?
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They passed an amendment to the act in January 2020, allowing dogs at patios and selectrestaurants. This change was made in part due to the Better for People, Smarter for Businessact. Previously, dog owners were required to tie their dogs to leash-friendly railings outside the restaurant.

Are there any patio restrictions that I need to know about?
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You’ll need to pay attention to house rules, but there are no limitations on your dog if you aredining at a dog-friendly patio other than proper etiquette. If you’re looking to dine indoors, there are more limitations. For example, dogs are allowed in places where alcohol is made orserved along with low-risk foods. So as long as there is no food manufacturing, processing, or preparing in the room with you and your dog, you are all set!

Even if it’s legal, do all Ottawa patios allow dogs?
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Not necessarily. Restaurant owners can choose whether or not they want to allow dogs on their patios, so always make sure to check your restaurant before you head over to eat with your pup.

Are there similar restrictions for service dogs in Ottawa?
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No, service dogs are welcome in most public settings, including restaurants, stores, taxis, and more. If they are not, businesses are required to make other reasonable accommodations to help care for patrons.

Does my dog need to be leashed at Ottawa patios?
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Your dog will need to be leashed while at the patio unless otherwise stated. This will help make sure the dog-friendly patio doesn’t become an impromptu dog park when more than one furry-legged friend is in attendance.

What can I expect when I bring my dog to a patio?
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You’ll want to make sure that your dog has good manners when eating out in public. You may even want to work on commands if your dog tends to be more vocal or affectionate to strangers. There won’t be a lot of playing or running around. Additionally, your dog should potty before you sit down to prevent accidents, though if they do go while you’re eating, make sure to clean it up quickly. You may also want to bring water, especially if it’s hot.

Will there be food for my dog at the pup friendly patios?
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It depends on the restaurant, but typically it’s frowned upon to feed your dog table scraps at the restaurant. This will lead to begging and encourage other dogs to do the same. Have treats on hand to reward good behavior or distract them, but typically you will want to feed your dog before or after the restaurant.

Will I get thrown out if my dog starts misbehaving?
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It's certainly within the right of the restaurant to give your pup the boot if she or he becomes nervous and starts barking, for example; in that case, it's probably best for your dog's mental health if you leave anyhow. Please see the training we have above for preparing your dog to attend pup friendly patios.

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