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Last updated: 3 January 2021

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Which province was first in allowing dog-friendly patios?
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Believe it or not, Alberta was actually the very first province in Canada to allow dog friendly patios, starting in the autumn of 2012. Since that time, Alberta has helped to drive Canada-wide trends towards dog friendly patios, leading the way for provinces like Ontario and Nova Scotia to follow suit, more recently.

How did dog owners bring their pups to patios before the 2012 legislation change?
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It might come as a surprise that, before 2012, the sole way dogs could join their owners at patios was by being tied up along the perimeter of restaurant patios, which were considered part of the sidewalk. Mainly because of Alberta Health Service’s concerns for health (for instance, other patrons being allergic to dogs), safety (children who are afraid of being bitten), and restaurant aesthetics (dogs barking during other patrons’ dining experiences), no restaurants were officially dog friendly in Alberta before 2012.

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