the Ultimate Guide for Calgary's Dog Friendly Patios!

Last updated: 4 December 2021

Finally, Calgary's been thrown a bone. Ever walk with Spot Dog Walkers comes with full GPS-tracking of your pup's 💩!

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How do you ensure the safety of my dog?
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To keep your dog safe we ensure there are no group walks, no off-leash parks and no time spent in vehicles! View all of our safety polices.

Can I have the same walker every time?
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Yes! With recurring walks you will receive the same walker every walk at the same time. If you want the same walker but haven't scheduled a recurring walk you can only hope that the walker will be one of the walkers to accept the request!

Can the walker handle my dog?
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Spot Dog Walkers all have the ability to see the pup profile before accepting a walk, we encourage our walkers to only accept walks inside there comfort zone. As long as you filled out your pup profile with necessary information you will be connected with a capable walker.

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