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Spot wants to make as many animals happy as possible, and that mentality guides how we give back to the community. Since 2016, for every 10 minutes of dog walking completed, Spot has donated 10¢ to animal shelters both at home and abroad.

Notably in 2021, Spot partnered with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust; they're Africa's largest elephant rescue & rehabilitation program, founded in 1977, helping to raise orphaned elephant calves, desnare elephants from poachers' traps, ensure clean water supplies, among many other good deeds. For the foreseeable future, donations from dog walks will be sent to these animals abroad.

While most of our efforts in giving back are devoted to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Spot still proudly fundraises for animal shelters within Canada. For example, in early 2022, Spot participated in the Betty White Challenge – a fundraiser for local dog shelters in Canada, for which Spot raised about $1,000!

Giving back is part of Spot's DNA, and we'll always use our fortunate position to aid animals in need.

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