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Border collie next to backdrop of cartoon city
Border collie next to backdrop of cartoon city

Types Of Dog Walks

Book dog walks when you need them

ASAP Walks

Spot offers ASAP walks for when you can't make it home to meet your pup! ASAP walks in Calgary guarantee a dog walker to arrive in 90-minutes or the walk is free!

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Recurring Walks

If you are looking to supplement your dogs exercise Spot is great to easily set up recurring walks with the same walker at the same time on a daily or weekly basis. Save up to 20% on recurring walks!

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Future Dates

Going to an event? Taking a day trip to Banff? Spot allows you to book around your schedule for when you need to check up on your pup when your away!

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How We Pick The Best Walkers For Your Pups

Background Checks

Spot thoroughly vet's all applicants and only accepts around 5%. Walkers go through RCMP background checks and get manually selected by a human before becoming a Spot Dog Walker.

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Training + Information

All Spot Dog Walkers must go through the Information package and get tested on safety protocols such as how to leash the dog, enter the house safely and what to do in case of emergencies.

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The majority of Spot Dog Walkers are retirees or individuals actively pursuing careers in animal welfare, such as students in vet school or groomers and trainers that are semi or fully retired.

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Dog Walking In Calgary

Calgary is considered the dog mecca of Canada. Ranking #1 in dogs per capita in Canada, Calgary is home to more than 150,000 dogs. With a population of 1.3 million, that’s at least 1 dog for every 10 people in Calgary, with an estimated 35% of households owning a dog.

Not only is Calgary ranked #1 in dogs per capita in the country, the city also has the most off-leash space of any city in North America! With over 3,000 acres of designated off-leash space, almost 20% of Calgary’s total public green space is designated for off-leash fun! In total, the city has over 150 off-leash parks to explore. And with the Canadian Rockies just an hour away, there are endless adventures for our four-legged friends!


Lengths Of Walks

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$12.80 - $16.00
15min walks are great to get your pup our for a potty break and stretch there legs while you are away!

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$16.80 - $20.00
30min walks let your pup spend some time outside, do their business and take their time sniffing around!

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$20.00 - $25.00
Most popular recurring walk length! 45min allows your pup to spend some time walking through parks and trails nearby!

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$22.40 - $28.00
Great for supplementing your dogs exercise and burning off some of there excsess energy while your away at work or during the day!

The Best Parks for Calgary Dog Walkers

Erlton Park
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Roxboro and Erlton is an off-leash dog park with plenty of space for your dog to romp around and make new friends. Here you’ll find plenty of benches, large trees, a nearby river where your dog can explore by the banks, and a hiking trail with a stunning overlook of the downtown Calgary city skyline. Without the view, you might forget you’re in the city at all!

Bowmont Park
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Bowmont Park’s fenced-in off-leash area features wide open fields that your dog will love running around in. You can also take your dog through the other parts of the park (on a leash, of course) where you’ll find beautiful trees, a bridge that crosses the Bow River, and the sparkling blue Alberta sky above you.

Tom Campbell’s Park
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Tom Campbell’s Hill Park features a large fenced-in area so your dog can play without a care (and you won’t have to be afraid of losing them). There’s lots to like about this park for humans as well. You can take a seat on one of the benches that looks out onto downtown Calgary, walk the trails, or just bask in the space of this outdoor oasis.

Sue Higgins Park
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Sue Higgins Park is a beautiful park right by the Bow River. Your dog will not get bored exploring its riverbanks, its open fields of the off leash area, and its walking paths where they can investigate the interesting smells of the trees and local wildlife in the park’s natural reserve. You and your dog will find yourselves coming back here again and again to escape back to nature.

Auburn Bay Dog Park
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Auburn Bay Dog Park is the perfect place to take your furry friend to socialize and burn off some of their boundless energy. The park’s grassy fields, trees, and bushes will keep them occupied for hours. Lots of people come to Auburn Bay, so expect your dog to spend most of their time playing with other dogs.

Nose Hill Park
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Nose Hill Park is a place where you and your dog can rediscover nature and run free under the wide open sky. Together, you can take in the breathtaking view of nearby mountains or stumble upon an old archaeological dig site. As you follow the walking trails, you might spot some of the locals– and by “locals,” we mean deer, coyote, squirrels, gophers, skunks, and porcupines. You and your dog will love the natural peace and quiet that you find in Nose Hill Park.

River Park
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River Park is a spacious off leash park where your dog can run to their heart’s content. There are no fences here, but your dog will find plenty to keep their attention. They’ll happily spend their time playing with other dogs and exploring nearby trees and bushes. Meanwhile, you’ll love taking in this park’s sweeping views of Calgary and the Elbow River Valley.

Elbow Park
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Elbow Park in southwest Calgary is the perfect dog park to take your entire family to; with a playground near the off-leash area,  you can keep an eye on both your children and your fur babies while they play. With lots of trees, bushes, and grass, you might feel like you’re not in the city at all – that is, until you catch the fantastic view of downtown Calgary from a park bench or a hilltop. You, your dogs, and your kids alike will all love this park and its space to run and socialize.

Connaught off-leash park
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Connaught is a sweet little off-leash park nestled in the city. It’s fenced in, so you can let your dogs run and play without fear of them racing out into traffic. There are benches to sit on, and plenty of trash cans conveniently placed around the park so you can easily dispose of your dog’s doo-doo. It’s a great place to go if you want to stay close to downtown Calgary and not travel outside the city for your dog to have fun.